Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What is to Be Done No. 25: “Charity’’ and Africa

                                                                 The Poverty Porn

“Humanitarian organizations like UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, and alike have done more damage to Africa than the marginal positive impact they supposedly have had.’’

Charity has been in Africa for centuries, even before the “scramble for Africa’’ arrived in the continent. The white missionaries carrying some items in the one hand and their bibles in the other. Brainwashing indigenous Africans to believe that poverty is a god-given treasure to accept with gratitude.

The missionaries were preparing them for the coming colonialism. This is a sentence which will transit the reader to the current situation of “charity’’ agencies’ corruption, rape, and sexual abuse, which is the current existing trend or practice.

If anyone joins any “Charity agency’’ to go to Africa, the expectation is to be employed with a hard currency minimum six figure salary, medical insurance, and the so-called “R&R or rest and relax’’ on top of annual leave.

For example, if you are a refugee in an African Refugee situation, “volunteering’’ for the agencies, including the UN refugee agency UNHCR, your payment is your incentive; working like a donkey, more than the local & international staff. No insurance, no annual holiday, no time limit. If your bosses want you to work, you have to work 24/7 without any contract. Because they/you think it is much better than staying in the camp without any prospect of resettlement.

Recently, the World Food Program reduced food ration for refugees in Kenya, starving refugees of Kakuma and Dadab camps to death. The thugs, criminals of the UN, start taking the highest portion of the donated money. Driving around the refugee camps with their flashy air-conditioned vehicles, their accommodation like Western countries’ villas, satellite TV.

Their food flying in, with water and drink, by plane from Nairobi. Relaxing. Enjoying themselves in and around the swimming pool. They “complained’’ about not having enough budget for feeding the “basic’’ - the refugees. When they run out of ideas they “design’’ headcount - making refugees pass through disclosure fence like cattle, inking them to identify the counted ones from the not-counted ones, in the scorching sun. Heart breaking. While they starve, the UN and other agencies’ staff wouldn’t lose a meal for a day.

Part of the current charity debacle are the so-called celebrities, like Angelina Jolie and Madonna, who think they can save Africa. The So-Called UN ambassador in the case of Angelina Jolie, and the business of “adoption’’ by both she and other deluded Westerners, whose greed has no limit.

If they are allowed they will go to Africa to hunt children with “hunting’’ permit, like wild animals. People who read this article are outraged in their own category. On the one hand, the ones who are happy this is said, who didn’t know it has gotten worse. On the other hand, how dare I write this?

Recently the British “Charity’’ Oxfam has been exposed for its crimes of corruption and sexual abuse. It is the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to the current problem of Africa, it is rooted in and planted by the West. The first step of the solution is for the West to get out of Africa. After a few years of up-and-down, Africa will clean itself and achieve success. Otherwise Africa will die in a worse shape than currently.

Sunday, 25th February 2018

What Is To Be Done? No 24: Another ‘’ Race Relation /Refugee Day Celebration’’

              ‘’There is a story behind every person. There is a reason why they are
                     The way they are. Think about that respect them for who they are’’
                 ‘’Staying quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. It means I don’t think you are
                ready to hear my thoughts.’’
                                                                                   Ernest Hemingway
                    ‘’Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’’
                                                                                                                           Victor Hugo


Since 2001, New Zealand has been ‘’Celebrating World Refugee Day’’ and probably since the year 2010, Race Relations day. I remember on 20 June 2001 reading a poem and speaking at the New Zealand Parliament. That was the last day I was allowed to give an organized speech. The speech has exposed the reason behind the ‘’ Refugee Day’’. When I mention that it used to be called ‘’World Refugee Day’’, it used to be called ‘’African Refugee Day’’. Since the 1990s, and in 1995, African Refugees in Africa refugee camps protested the idea of ‘’celebrating ‘’ Refugee day. One of these places was Kakuma refugee Camp in Kenya, where I was before I came to New Zealand.

Race relation day was started through the Race Relations Commission. It happens every year in March in New Zealand. I have tried every means to be part of, not the celebration but the forum. From the Race Relation Commissioner to staff who work there, they didn’t give me the opportunity. Mostly this kind of forum involves conference or forum fee. This will help them to block people who they think are not desirable not to attend - “lower standard’’ people like me.

The cultural dance/ food /and other items for sale is good. Only the ethnic can be part of the political process. Where did you see the Pakeha becomes this process instead being entertained? Hajaib!!!

That is why I strengthened my lamentation with my pen expanding my collection of poems:

‘’Thank you, thank you!

For making me

Feel unwanted

For my look



Thank you

Thank you …..’’

Yilma Tafere Tasew

Thank you, thank you!

2010, Steel Roberts, New Zealand

Since then this is the only avenue for me to express myself. Since 2001, I was worker at the National Museum where I served as a car park attendant, until made redundant in 2009.

In my word “expired’’.

I remember the life-time president of ‘’ African Community’’ didn’t give me a chance to speak. In 2005 for ‘’ Refugee Day Celebration’’ I asked the organizers if I am able to read a poem and speak. I am told it is only music and dance.

I said thank you no!!!

I don’t think this year will be different. If it is, prove me wrong by allowing me to speak and read a poem. If not, shame on everyone who blocks people like me and others from speaking their mind.

Saturday 24th February, 2018, Wellington, New Zealand.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

What is to be done? 23: Ethiopia under Repression

The recent ‘’Resignation’’ of the so called robot ‘’Prime Minister‘’ of Ethiopia is a laughing matter. The regime never learns from its mistake. Because it is out to destroy the country and the people from its birth in the early 1970’s before it came to power by the support and blessing of USA, UK and other Western powers. The same Western countries supported it for the last 27 years in power. Because of its strategic importance some Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Pakistan and India bought land from the regime. Land which is actually the ancestral land of the country’s farmers, which produces good fertile crops for their country-people. Because of this land occupation, 15 million people are starving and homeless in their own country.
Adding salt to the wound, my people are suffering day to day under the oppression of the regime. The regime declared a state of emergency in September 2016 by staging a false conflict, starting with the military shooting the peaceful participants in the traditional yearly celebration of Erecha, 43km from Addis Abeba at Bishoftu. Since this time, people in every part of the country have faced heavy handed repression by the military: Arrest, torture, rape, summary and mass execution, the violation of human rights.
Meanwhile, the fake opposition and lobby groups in the country and in the diaspora just create drama by lobbying the Western powers to solve the countries problem. Everybody wants to be leader to her/his own advantage, some calling themselves ‘’leader in exile’’. Some of these so-called leaders are even spies and infiltrators of the regime. Everywhere they go, the supporters of the regime first try to get themselves established as religious and community leaders, so that they can gain power and control in the community.
Recently, people are campaigning for particular individuals to be freed from prison, in a country where more than half a million people are jailed, instead of advocating for the release of all political prisoners.
My country and my people, Ethiopia, does not need more Western intervention or self-promoting “leaders”.
The real hope for change is in the united struggle of the people. The regime knows this and is afraid that protests could turn into a real countrywide struggle and ignite the fire of a peoples’ revolution. This is why the regime has declared its state of emergency. But nothing will stop the people until they are able to defeat this brutal regime and replace it by the people’s choice of democratic system, which is all inclusive.
Despite what is happening currently in Ethiopia the world media, especially the Western media ignores the reality of what is happening in my country, and focuses only on the superficial events.
The West and their puppets are lamenting against the peoples struggle. Herman Cohen, the American C.I.A. agent and the darling of the tyrant regime of Ethiopia has opened his uncontrolled mouth to tell Ethiopians what we should and not do (http://www.cohenonafrica.com/homepage/2018/2/20/ethiopias-prime-minister-desalegn-has-resigned-whats-next). This old mad dog never learns. The Ethiopian people will only follow their own children who are struggling, bleeding, fighting against any kind of oppression to design and make their own genuine democracy, which is made in Ethiopia.
The people of Ethiopia are resilient in their history. During the First and Second World War they defeated Italy twice. We will defeat the foreign imperialists and their puppet regime again. Mercenaries like Herman Cohen and their stooges will not define our future.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Update: NZ Resettlement for Black African Refugees

Recently I wrote to the New Zealand Minister for Immigration, asking him to reopen resettlement for refugees from the camps in Africa. You can read what I wrote here: Black African Refugees For Sale. This was his response:

Monday, January 15, 2018

Economic Freedom Fighters - Julius Malema Speaks

Watch Julius Malema's full speech at the Oxford Union. Julius Malema is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF), a South African political party.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why Shouldn't They Sell Us?

By Hama Tuma

The ongoing hue and cry about Black African refugees being sold by so called Arab Libyans into slavery leaves me somewhat cold and only increases my indignation at Europe's indecent hypocrisy. The West, which cries so furiously against the slave auction in Libya, was not only the one which carried the slave trade and benefitted from it in the past but is responsible for the situation in present day Libya by pushing and paying Libya to block the refugees from leaving for Europe . The Libyans got money from the deal and slave trade, as we all know, has been an Arab commercial activity since time immemorial.

Black Africans being sold by Arabs is not a new thing. Modern slavery of black Africans is not a new thing neither. It was not a matter of color as Arab slavery did not function on black or white considerations and the first slaves of Arabs were not even blacks. Libyan racism did not appear now and suddenly--it was there all the time and I had tried to comment on it while Khadafy was alive. Arab racism on blacks is hundreds if not thousands of years old. The white champions of slavery were France, Britain, Portugal, Brazil and the most notorious of all America. Local chiefs are not to be ignored of course. The ongoing sale of black Africans in Libya, today breaking news for the self adulating CNN, is only the tip of the iceberg. African maids in the Middle East have for long been treated as slaves and even murdered without any condemnation being heard against Saudi Arabia. Kuwait, Lebanon and other such countries.

Nothing was hidden, there was no secret. But the silence was deafening and is continuing. The murder and organ harvesting of Ethiopian and other maids from other countries in the Middle East was of no interest to many in the West. Many South Sudanese were sold as slaves by the Janjaweed militia in the Sudan but few cared. So called Arabs in Mauritania treated their black citizens as slaves even in the 20th century. Who cared and even how many knew about it ?

The hypocrisy is nauseating and stifling. The West hailed Kaddafi when he declared I am your rampant against the African hordes that may swarm your shores. When politics pushed the West against Kaddafi they all united and had him killed and in the process destroyed Libya and led to the destabilization of Western Africa so much so that France and the USA had been forced to send troops to fight against rebels and the ISIS. Refugees fleeing to Libya and defying immense suffering and even death are products of dictatorial regimes (like the one in Ethiopia and Sudan for example) often enjoying the good consideration of the West. Unemployment, repression, intense poverty and misery pushed citizens to dare flee to Libya. The same pushed Ethiopian young females to be victims of domestic slavery in racist Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab countries. The regimes that push their citizens unto dangerous exile are of course the first ones to blame like the old African chiefs and the Arab slave traders of the time. The ongoing slave trade and the overall plight of African refugees is fully the doing of Fortress Europe, a product of the desire to keep refugees out and away from Europe. EU countries made deals with Libya to hinder refugees from making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to the shores of Italy. The French authorities, the frontline destroyers of Libya and master hypocrite that they are, make a lot of noise against Africans being auctioned off as slaves, while they are the main ones who are propagating the Fortress Europe stance. France boasts as being the land of asylum (terre d'asile) while it has locked its borders and had been deporting thousands of Africans back to Africa. In related news Israel, who called African refugees cancer, is paying Rwanda US $4000 per head for every Eritrean, Sudanese and other African refugees it deports to Kigali. Norway deports Ethiopians and other refugees back to their countries despite the fact that this could mean death to them. Who cares?

Libyans selling black Africans is not such a new big deal. We have to stand against it and protest for sure--it is the least we can do. But who are they those we are protesting against? To begin with, they must be our own devils who have pushed us to exile and humiliation and death. And the slave trade. Secondly, those who have prepared the ground for slavery, by denying asylum rights, are Europeans, the same people who fled en masse to America to escape starvation and penury. The Libyan sale of Africans unto modern slavery should not surprise anybody. The Arabs have being doing it for years. Libyans have been doing it for years. Why the hue and cry now? Because CNN pounded it on it to make it its breaking news? Ethiopian and Egyptian Copts were beheaded in Tripoli with not much breaking news accompanying their brutal deaths. Ethiopian refugees in Libya and other places have been killed for organ harvesting, both male and female have been raped, tortured and sold as slaves over and over again in the past. Where was the indignation then? The stink of hypocrisy stifles. AU and EU meeting in Burkina Faso with all those responsible and pretending to care or protest and the theatrics of the brash French President cannot cover up the onerous responsibility of the West in what is happening to refugees in Libya. We are now being told that the French company Lafarge has been paying the Syrian ISIS a hundred thousand euro per month. And Libya is an oil rich country whose cruel fate is linked to the West's coveting of its resource. Refugees are but pawns, sticks in a wave, play things and, yes, slaves. No news here, just a dog bites man thing.

So why shouldn't they sell us really? We are their victims and they have utter contempt for us in all fields. Europe made sure we stay put in Libya, financed its brutal police and so called Navy, gave them carte blanche and sealed our fate, Eternal dupes as we are, noise is being made now years after the brutality of the fact was registered in Libya and we follow them to cry no to slavery in Libya.. Israel sells refugees (4000 dollars a head--we are expensive, no?) to a sad future in Rwanda and Uganda but who has heard of it becoming worrying or a breaking news? The condition of Ethiopian girls (maids) in the Middle East is as bad as slavery but the retrograde princes and monarchs are friends of the West and mum is the slogan. Deafening Silence. And we have been burying bodies minus their vital organs for years. All of a sudden the culprits in the whole affair have become the prominent voices against the slavery they promoted and they are expecting us to follow them. Africans have been set up for slavery for years and unless we forget what was Apartheid that was backed by France, the USA, and many others. Africans have been sold left and right for years. So long as we do not redeem our rights why should we expect they will not go on selling us? So long as we fail to liberate our continent the life of slaves will be ours both in and out of our countries being called abeed, kahlusha, nigger barya and more.

The core of the hue and cry is non to the right culprit but then again the ones who paid the piper are the ones selling us unto slavery yet another name for neocolonialism.