Key Notes for Dialogue



Changing the Way We Think is the First Step

As Albert Einstein said  ‘’ You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem’’.

We can’t use the same worn out rusty philosophy, or theory to solve our current problem. Actually most of the Western philosophers are baised by racism. They believe that blacks are not active mentally, and they are less human than whites. David Hume, Hegel, Marx, Darwin etc...

This is the main problem of Western thought which created in equality in every sphere of life.

We have to develop holistic humanistic way of thinking based on African philosophy and other non Western thoughts

The Western universities teaching of old rusty ideology has to change.

This is just an idea to open dialogue.

If people are only expecting from me it is not going to achieve the aimed goal!


Let us start dialogue!

Global Activism

I think that global activism should change the way it is operating for the last decades. Every issue is organised and activated separately. Because everybody wants to be a hero, needs credit. If we are looking how much activism has achieved it is just very little. It is not able to solve the core problems of the human issues. Which could have been the implementation of global justice, freedom equality, and human dignity. And the placement of wild animals to their natural habitat. The prioritizing of human freedom first. Because it is our specious.

All the issues of the glob can be solved with one organised, global net work. All the human power, energy, resources were put together the human race could have achieved a lot. Instead of forming this group, that charity, that activist group per issue we have to see outside our narrow scope. ...

As Albert Einstein put it clearly '' You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem'' We are using the same International, political, economic, philosophy which is centuries very! Very old centuries ago, and rusty. Most of the theory discriminatory against humans based on colour.

Guys lets discuss on the issue extensively


To Hell with 'Celebrity Humanitarianism'

The so called ‘’ Celebrities’’ who travel to Africa, to be photographed with suffering people of Africa should stop. When they get bored with their meaningless life in the West they go to Africa to feel better about themselves.

Africa and its suffering people should not continue to be their entertainment field. If they are serious about helping Africa, the answer is not charity, or their trip to Africa in the name of   ‘’humanitarian ambassador’’. Instead they should stay away from Africa and lobby their governments to leave the continent alone so that we Africans can decide what is best for us. We implement our own democracy in our own way. By removing dictators, authoritarianism, and murderer regimes from power in a peaceful way. It is the west, a few countries, who gave power to these dictators, through military, technical, financial support, to kill and violate the human rights of their own citizens. The only way out from the shackles of modern slavery, exploitation, all kinds of suffering, is removing these powerful countries from the continent.

Once it is done it wouldn't take long to clean the mess, to make the continent again the bread basket of the world by and for African children. After that in peaceful coexistence we welcome countries as trade and cultural exchange partners. When this happens it happens on the terms and conditions of African children.

We will lead the way forward to the lost world of the west and the east. We reclaim our ancient civilisation by bringing it alive. Not by force, but by peaceful means of struggle and by education.

To achieve this we have to stand up holding hands for a long and protracted peaceful struggle, as human beings.

In this struggle the genuine activists of the world will stand with us. Those who beg, and bow their heads, who spy on us around the world, will be ashamed of themselves.

The people of mother Africa will become victorious!!!

Part One

The main problem of Black Africa is not planted in Africa. 

It is planted mainly in the West in USA, Britain, France, Middle Eastern, Rich countries.
 In the East in China in India. 
By supporting brutal, authoritarian governments. Giving them full military, financial, technical support!
The solution is to create global activist net work, which can lobby, protest, and fight peacefully the governments which are involved in creating a mess in Africa. Who are responsible for making our mother continent the field of conflict, since the period of colonialism. 
They can be stopped by protracted protest, fight, and struggle. Then the brutal regimes will be easy to get read of from power. It is these rich countries who make the brutal, regimes in Africa powerfull.This the only way I think we can find a durable solution for Black Africa.
It is obvious that, this is a life time struggle, the reality is that if we don’t do something durable, to remove the root causes of the problem, we can’t see any Africans remaining in the continent. The rich countries greedy behaviour, war mongering, hunger, unemployment wipe out the human being of African descent from the face of the continent.
This is a start as a marathon starts from one step a long way to go.
Let's start with this idea our dialogue...


Part Two

To move forward with the idea of Harmonious Black Africa, we have to be part of the global ant- imperialism, anti-racism, and anti- religious fundamentalist forces. With genuine activists. To do this there is no better time than the present.

The current world situation is ripe to raise black African issues. We have seen the anti-American demonstration where people demonstrated in Africa recently when The American president visited South Africa.

Now is the time to put together our collective ideas, and show we are really the children of black Africa, and the rest activists show in practice your humanity. At the moment in our mother continent, her children are struggling, fighting day and night in the way they know. 

We have to be a back bone for that struggle, by paving the durable way from Diaspora. Most of the struggle as previously if it involves war, shedding human blood there are always exploiters behind the curtain, who shape the future agenda.

We have to stick together no matter what our differences. We the children of Black Africa shouldn't rely on any one in the first place. Even in some ‘’African-Americans’’ we can rely on Caribbean black, and other island black Africans, the black people of Haiti, Jamaica etc...

We shouldn't be afraid to say who our real enemies and our real friends are.

To start our genuine duty we need ideas to start flowing, we need to have dialogue.

What I am putting here is not the only solution. It's just what my small brain can come up with.

We will reach our goal by the united effort of the real children of Black Africa

Part Three

If you notice especially for the last decade, the production of war and destruction related movies, is booming.

According to my understanding the wars and conflicts are not happening on the rich countries' soil.

It is in the soil of poor countries like Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The west is the source and the architect of this war and conflict. To use as a propaganda machine they use the war production. To convince their public and to recruit soldiers for the war.

Since the Second World War the world has seen many world wars. But they are not counted as world wars, because the western leaders and their people are not affected by them; they are not in their back yard.

The First and Second World War were waged in their home lands, so their people have practical memories. 

Someone's father, grandfather, great grandmother has fought in those wars. It is related to them. To use this as tool of propaganda they use the psychological interest of their people by hammering the stories of the two world wars in the form of documentaries, books, films and electronic media or by building war memorials/museums or having war related memorial days.

This will help the western leaders to avoid anti-war, rallies, and demands less acceptable by the public in the west. It diverts attention from people focusing on day to day problems like unemployment, hunger, homelessness.

The other advantage of this propaganda is that, first, it supports the war outside their country. They kill people and later they achieve what they wanted from the war: resource control.

The charity business starts to boom, by showing  devastating pictures or documentaries, by taking celebrities in the middle of the disputes  and victims of war in the name of ‘’humanitarian ambassador’’  to collect millions of dollars in the name of the victims.

We need to open our eyes looking at the movies which we are encouraged to pay to see each week.

Part Four

This serious idea of opening dialogue is intended, as it is clearly stated at the beginning of this group, to initiate dialogue on the durable solution for black Africa's centuries of problems.

Unless the children of the continent are able to pave the way for centuries of obstacles there is no solution I can think of. 

The thing is that we have seen the recent history of the last 200 years, everybody trying to solve the problem by war, conflict and by force.

This has become a cycle which rotates around. It is more dividing us than uniting and harmonising us. It is creating more bloodshed from time to time. 

Killing us. 

We don’t want to go down the same path again and again, which provides no solution to our problems, instead simply adding more devastation.

We have shed enough blood which could have been changed to oceans. The old way didn't work. When I mean harmonising Africa, this time it means creating harmony with diversity. Especially after the scramble for  Africa, 1897- 1912, in which the colonialists divided the continent as it fit their colonial agenda. 

They split people by artificial borders, like a butcher divides the parts of the slaughtered animal. When they left the continent from being physically present as white people, they started ruling by remote. The time of neo-colonialism, since then we are ruled by remote control.

We have to think that it doesn’t mean that we can remove all borders and demarcation in one night and become united. That is why I am using the term ‘’harmony’’ instead of unity. Harmony for me represents focusing on the beauty of the continent. We will collaborate and support each other no matter what.

I know this looks like a utopian idea, but I am not expecting us to achieve this goal in a night, but gradually. We might not be able to reach the desired goal in our life time.  But we can pave a clear path for the next generation.

Any how, we can only reach our goal by dialogue.

Part Five

If we observe the rich countries, they don’t have physical war or conflict, between them. They have disagreement in different issues, but they resolve it by dialogue or they agree to disagree. The last war between the western countries was waged during the Second World War in history. People might mention the independence movements in Europe, and America. This to me cannot be counted as war; they are independence movements like Ireland with England.

We have to be smart as Africans not to kill each other, by their divide and rule method. We have to avoid continental or internal conflict. It is obvious that the main source of our conflict is planted by the rich countries. Currently they are expanding the cultivation of the conflict. When we fight each other they get free access to our continent's resources.

Unless we are able to free our mother Africa from external influence of any kind and external presence in the soil we cannot be free. The population of the continent will be wiped out in no time.

Starvation, lack of resources and exploitation makes the continent the breeding ground for human suffering.

To avoid this we have to stand up together to remove the root causes of our problem. From the factory, the West and East rich countries not to be imported to Africa. For this we need the support of genuine activists of the world, especially the citizens of the West and East rich countries.

Let’s have our dialogue on this burning issue.

Part Six

This day’s activism for human beings is diminishing from the practical scene in the Western world. It is replaced by animal rescue, green peace, which is mostly for the protection of Habitat in the water. The protection league of cats, rats etc...

Don’t get me wrong here I am not against the above and similar issues.

My point is, for us human beings, the nearest species are human beings. If we don’t give priority to human rights, I don’t think it is the right way to give priority for other animals.

If things continue like this, the animal right issue becomes difficult for humans. We forget that any animal fights for its own species when it comes to danger.

The other thing is the West brings elephants, lions, monkeys etc... from their natural habitat and puts them in the zoo. Zoos are prisons for animals which humans are secluding them.

Animal activism must include the demolishing of Zoos and the return of these animals to their natural habitat.

We black Africans should rely on ourselves to fight for what is fully ours, not any one else.

Let’s keep the dialogue running, without it we can’t develop a solid and acceptable idea.

Part Seven

As we can see from the top photo it is our tragedy once again which makes headlines in the world media, to benefit the media regime. As tragedy new sells very well. We black Africans have been chased in every part of the world, including from our mother continent. Black Africans have been facing a lot of suffering for the last centuries. This is only getting worse as time passes.

We are not able to lead a peaceful life in our mother continent. War, conflict, brutal regimes, supported and aid by Western war lords lead by USA, Britain and France, from the East China, Russia, India... are killing the people of black Africa. They took ancestral lands through corrupt puppet leaders, evicting the farmer from his own land. Those who try to resist the eviction were shot dead in their own land, arrested, tortured, left without any hope e.g. Ethiopia.

When they flee to abhorring countries, from the violation of all their human rights, the very few ‘’lucky’’ ones end up facing another form of suffering in the middle of nowhere, in African refugee camps  for decades. African refugee camps are the laboratory of the Western world. In this laboratory the western ‘’experts’’ do different kind of experiments on black African refugees. From using drugs or medications which have no expiry date on them, to people coming as students and researchers to research African refugees in different topics.

To play in this helpless people’s consciousness. After that when they return back to where they came from they become, ‘’writers, social scientists, experts’’ on black African issues and they land in highly paid jobs.

Because of this and the government spies and assassins following the refugees to neighbouring countries to kidnap them, or execute them. By taking a risk they are forced to cross the Sahara desert through Libya, Egypt to cross to Europe and Israel, but in the desert many perish. Some of them being raped, tortured, their body parts removed for the black market of selling their body parts. After all this tragedy the remaining who spend their family's money to smuggle them to another country for a transit to Europe they will end up in like the above story on the photo.

What is the solution for this?

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Black Africa we can’t escape by keeping quiet; the problem is not going away. Or are we thinking like the Western politicians that our people’s life doesn't count?

We have to start at least to have a dialogue on this burning issue!!!

Part Eight

There are several points that make Black Africans more human than the people of the West.
  • Like the West Black Africans, we don’t hate our skin colour, our sex, we don’t go in to knife to ‘’beatify’’ ourselves in to surgery.
  • We don’t play games or chase with food. Food is a gift of divinity. We respect food and consume it in a dignified way. It is not a game show, to make food in different colours or shapes, and throw it away. After all it is for human survival.
  • We don’t give priority for pets and different animals before our own species is human kind. We don’t invade the animals' natural habitat to make us feel good. By bringing the wild animals to our home and to the zoo.
Let’s have a dialogue for a clear knowledge and understanding.

Part Nine

The current American situation is a clear manifestation of how the Western system is not working, especially the American imperialism. Democracy is unable to save itself. The majority of Americans being governed by a few rich people is a good example of this.

When any method or system is not able to work, the West doesn’t know what to do about it. The only thing they know is the word ‘’ reform’’, reform is trying to repair the dead. The West is afraid and allergic to drastic change, scared of revolution. Rusty minds are addicted to rusty ideas.
  • What do we learn from this?
  • Do we need to rely on the West, which is not good enough for itself?

Part Ten

A mad dog bites indiscriminately whoever he finds in his way. This is what is happening with the current saga of CIA spying on everyone around the globe. The United States and other super powers of the West are in their last downfall stage. They don’t know and don’t care whom they are hurting. This last stage is very dangerous. As the West looks like a mad dog in its final phase, it will not take to being taken over by new, power hungry, ‘’energetic’’ China.
Before we are in the hands of new hyena, it is now that we have to act and find a solution to our continental problem. At least we need to have a dialogue about what the solution should be for our mother continent, black Africa.

Keeping quiet is not going to help.

Let’s talk about it.

Part Eleven

As an African who is exiled because of human rights violation in his country for me and fellow Africans:

WTO is one of the devils with blood-sucking teeth.

WTO is assimilated with our suffering - it reminds me when I observe people lining up and sleeping out side over two weekends of December this year for buying a ticket to go to a concert which will be performed next year, which has taken my thoughts sadly in 1991 in Kenya in one of the refugee camps in the middle of nowhere, where we slept queuing to get 3 litres of water for a day for drinking and cooking at the nomads water bore hole. First the lions then the cattle have been drinking the water that we human beings are being served.

People might ask what does this have to do with the WTO?

The irony is that Africa is in a worse situation than the one I am trying to draw above. Whether it is called a human rights violation or hunger or disease, HIV/AIDs – all are happening - the rich countries are exploiting, looting our continent and leaving it stripped naked with different kinds of deals. That is the role played in different “sexy” names to shift us from one suffering to another.

The WTO is one of the mechanisms, which carry “civilised” theft, and which rips us apart as the Europeans did during and after the colonial era.

WTO means for us exploited Africans that all our humanity is placed in a condition worse than the Western pets. WTO has reaped our human rights. Our basic needs - water, food shelter become unpredictable - impossible to afford or dream.

WTO has put a cheap price on our existence - less than animals. Rich countries spend some US$ 300 billion a year on farm subsidies – about twenty times more than on development aid. Every European Union cow gets about US$2.50 a day in subsidies; a Japanese cow gets $7.50 a day. Annual cotton subsidies to US farmers are more than $3 billion (3 times the amount the US spends on foreign aid to Africa).

Europe and America depend on Africa up to now for their oil and other expensive minerals like diamonds and gold. The WTO is in Africa to facilitate the globalised exploitation of the continent. Asia has come into its own; Latin America has come into its own. Africa has failed – we are still sick from a sort of contamination that begun under colonialism and continued under neo-colonisation.

WTO is a catalyst to exploit Africa, to try to make us forget that since the time of slavery it is our labour – the Black Africans labour and knowledge which has built so-called Western Civilisation.
It’s the WTO and other western agencies, who are facilitating the brain-drain of Africans – various researches suggest that more than 50% of the top African brains and the skilled personnel now reside outside the continent especially in the West.

Any white person can go, find work, live, work and have a good time in Africa. But we Africans are not allowed to have in and out of Africa, these privileges, unless individually we are important to develop and build the Western world on our labour, skill and knowledge.

People of genuine interest and concern for humanity must stand against any kind of human exploitation in any part of Africa. If we are counted as part of this world, and equally human beings, we should fight the Western exploitation of Africa and around the world together hand-in-hand.

We must stand in genuine solidarity with all real civil society, organisations, workers, peasants, students, indigenous people, refugees, unemployed people who struggle against WTO and other Western exploitation agencies for a decent future.

Part Twelve

William Hague and Angelina Jolie attend sexual violence in war summit in London
Foreign secretary described sexual violence in conflict zones as "one of the great mass crimes of the 20th century and the 21st century"
The photo shows actor Angelina Jolie with the British foreign secretary, William Hague, at the opening of the global summit against sexual violence in war zones on Tuesday 10 June 2014 in London, which ended after four days. Jolie as usual wears her deceiving look with a black outfit. She is doing her job, acting.

The issue here is: how can you tackle sexual violence and other human write violations in war zones without tackling the root causes of war and conflict, which is created, financed and supported by Western powers?

They are taking the poor people of the world to be fools and idiots. The reality is the reverse.

When we were children and we fell over and felt pain on part of our body, our parents would come and ask as who hit us. When we pointed to the chair or whatever item, they would ask us to spit on their hands and then they pretended to beat the item; that would calm us from crying.

Angelina Jolie and William Hague! We are not fools so please stop treating us like children.

I can’t be an advocate for the whole world but for my mother continent I can, I am!

So get out of Africa, stop supporting authoritarian regimes and then I am telling you we can build a democratic Africa, where her children decide their own fate.

You worry in your side of the world – the West – where rape, sexual and family violence, murder and crime are increasing each day. Clean your house, we will clean ours.

Actually, when you leave our mother continent alone the main problem will be solved.

After that we will meet again for human solidarity, for trade... on equal terms.

How can we achieve this?

You will be surprised: peacefully, without any human loss, without any bloodshed!!!

Until then, adios ‘’Angie’’ adios ‘’Hague’’


Was Angelina Jolie A Pentagon Operative In Africa?


Agent Angelina

Angelina Jolie is the poster woman for the “Hollywood-Intelligence Complex”, the perfect example of a willing CIA asset who regularly goes along with “deep state” narratives in her films, such as the anti-Serb production “In The Land Of Blood And Honey”. She’s also been one of the loudest global cheerleaders for “humanitarian interventions” abroad, or in other words, imperialist wars waged under distorted or outright fabricated “humanitarian” reasons such as the one that she had been lobbying for in Darfur. Jolie often visits US troops abroad like in Afghanistan, though up until now there were no grounds for suggesting that she was anything other than a propagandist, as it would have been ordinarily absurd to even countenance her playing an active role in the battlefield.

That’s no longer the case anymore, though, according to a report by The Sunday Times, a UK-based media outlet, which claims to have read leaked International Criminal Court (ICC) documents alleging that the starlet told the organization’s former chief prosecutor that she’d be willing to volunteer herself as a bait to catch the phantasmal African warlord Joseph Kony. The Sunday Times article is mostly hidden behind a paywall, however, so the average information consumer needs to rely on second-hand sources such as People magazine in order to learn about what’s in those leaks free of charge. According to the celebrity news site:

“A hoard of 40,000 ICC documents leaked to the French investigative website Mediapart reveals that Jolie once offered to act as human bait in a trap to arrest brutal Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

She “has the idea to invite Kony to dinner and then arrest him,” reads an e-mail sent by former ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo, reports The Sunday Times.

“Forget other celebrities, she is the one,” Moreno Ocampo adds in another email. “She loves to arrest Kony. She is ready. Probably Brad [Pitt] will go also.”

According to The Sunday Times, which has seen the Mediapart documents, Moreno Ocampo hoped that Jolie and her now estranged husband would travel to the Central African Republic with a team of US Special Forces.

It was thought that their presence would then draw Kony out of his armored compound and enable the US forces to take him into custody.”

If these allegations are true, then it would mean that Jolie had graduated from the usual propagandist class of Hollywood operatives to an in-field asset of the Pentagon in conspiring to carry out a globally important mission. Truth be told, “catching Kony”, as the viral 2012 slogan went, isn’t really that significant of a deal because the warlord is thought to have barely any supporters nowadays after years on the run in the transnational jungled space between his native Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic. In fact, the whole purpose of the CIA psy-op to “catch Kony” was to “justify” US special forces’ presence in this strategic region long enough for them to manufacture civil wars in South Sudan and the Central African Republic, which would turn them into a “failed state belt” that forever prevents their crucial incorporation into a Chinese-built bicoastal Silk Road through their resource-rich territories.

The geopolitics of the Kony diversion aren’t the focus of this article, so it’s recommended that readers review some of the author’s hyperlinked analyses above if they’re interested in learning more about this Hybrid War campaign. Instead, it’s important to focus on the relationship between celebrities and the “deep state”, both in the propaganda and – as can now be seen – in-field operational manifestations. Thus far, it doesn’t seem like any of Jolie’s peers attempted to follow in her footsteps by partaking in such a high-profile covert mission, but toning down the drama just a notch and removing the lethal risk involved in her extreme example, it’s certainly possible that other “famous people” are doing something similar in serving their governments.

Joseph Kony & Angelina Jolie

The Rodman-Kim Case

The most relevant case that comes to mind is Dennis Rodman, who’s the US’ “Kim whisperer” in passing along messages through what he calls “basketball diplomacy” but who actually functions as the best American pair of eyes and ears that has ever gotten to known the reclusive North Korean leader in person. It’s been speculated for a few years already that Rodman might indeed be working for the CIA, but this was always dismissed by more mainstream voices who retort that he’s either “too stupid” or that “the CIA wouldn’t hire someone like that”, but these critics never take the time to consider that Rodman might be coerced into doing this in order to avoid a hushed-up drug bust or something of that nature.

In any case, his last visit to the communist country was a failure because he wasn’t allowed to meet with Kim Jong-Un, although he did claim credit for jailed provocateur Otto Warmbier’s release shortly before his death. Given that the American student was going to die anyway from what was likely complications from his unsuccessful suicide attempt in trying to overdose on sleeping medicine, he probably would have been released whether Rodman came to the country or not, but it’s very telling that Kim Jong-Un refused to meet with his “best friend” during this time. Incidentally, it was shortly after this that the war of words and “insult diplomacy” between the North Korean and American leaders really took off, which might have been inspired by Trump finding out from his intelligence chiefs that they had lost their precious Rodman-Kim connection because Pyongyang could have figured out what the basketballer was really up to.

Although it’s only speculation at this point, it would indeed explain why Trump made a show out of appearing to go crazy and resorting to the “madman theory” in dealing with Kim Jong-Un, as the US Intelligence Community might have concluded that this is the only realistic way left for directly communicating with his North Korean counterpart. With Rodman’s last reconnaissance mission cut short and ultimately unsuccessful, the US might have feared that Kim was signaling to them that he was prepared to imminently flex his muscles in vengeful showmanship for having been deceived this long, and while it’s impossible to know exactly what he was in fact thinking, North Korea did end up staging several highly provocative missile launches this summer after Rodman’s visit and even carried out a nuclear test.

The above narrative might sound dubious upon first read, but it certainly deserves to be reconsidered in light of the revelation that Angelina Jolie was working with the Pentagon as part of a highly secret special operation to “catch Kony”, which would in that case not make it sound so crazy to imagine that Dennis Rodman might have been doing similar field work for the CIA in collecting valuable personal intelligence about Kim Jong-Un. Even if the North Koreans are actually aware of what Rodman is up to nowadays, that doesn’t mean that he’ll never be allowed back into what some have derisively called the “Hermit Kingdom”, as there’s a certain value that could be derived from continuing to use him for informal diplomatic purposes and indirect communication with the US “deep state”.

Kim Jong Un & Dennis Rodman

Concluding Thoughts

The ICC leaks alleging Angelina Jolie’s envisioned frontline role in leading a Pentagon special operations mission against African warlord Joseph Kony might be a shocking revelation for the casual media consumer unfamiliar with the intricate relationship between Hollywood and the “deep state”, but for others who are already aware of this network, then it’s just a long-overdue vindication of what they’ve known for some time. Jolie had always been suspected of being a CIA propagandist, though her new role in apparently wanting to function as the Pentagon’s “bait” is admittedly somewhat unexpected, though the revelation allows one to now reconsider the role of other celebrities in International Relations, particularly Dennis Rodman and his “friendship” with Kim Jong-Un.

In light of the truth being revealed about Jolie, it’s now very plausible that Rodman is also a “deep state” agent too, albeit of a different caliber and deployed on a totally different mission.

The emerging proof and reasonable speculation about celebrity-agents demonstrates that the “old days” of “celebrity diplomacy” are fading away, wherein “famous people” were once used to simply promote a country’s soft power, which includes giving foreigners passports to this end. Instead, the new trend appears to be instrumentalizing the high-level access that these individuals are privy to in order to achieve concrete strategic objectives, be it luring a warlord into an ambush or acquiring valuable personal information about a world leader who’s unfriendly to the US. All told, it should now be taken for granted that many Western celebrities are at the very least cooperating with US “deep state” infowar operations, but that the “best and the brightest” among them might have graduated to a completely new level of operational involvement in carrying out in-field activities in support of specific US foreign policy goals and therefore essentially behaving as deep-cover spies.

DISCLAIMER: The author writes for this publication in a private capacity which is unrepresentative of anyone or any organization except for his own personal views. Nothing written by the author should ever be conflated with the editorial views or official positions of any other media outlet or institution.

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Part Thirteen          

             Stockholm syndrome

‘’Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.[1] [2] The FBI's Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 8 percent of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.[3]
Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other."[4] One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual's response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat’’.[5]
                                    Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

               Stockholm syndrome
April this year magnifies the death and suffering of my brothers and sisters. Nothing is new it is just increased in a wider scale. Black Africans are dying, tortured, raped mutilated each day since the colonial era. Civil and tribal conflict is one way of dividing and rule of previously colonialism, then imperialism and new-colonialism.
Changing the names of oppression is not making the problem go away. It just creates confusion for the oppressed Black African heart and mind. It makes us helpless. It distracts our attention from the root cause of our problem which is new-colonialism, imperialism, and religious fundamentalism.
When this kind of problem exacerbates we go to demonstrate to the agencies govt. that are the main source of the problem: such as America, UK, France and our countries puppet ‘’leaders’’ dictators who are the god son and daughters of neo- colonialism.
We start crying crocodiles tear for the victims on social media; it became the fashion of the month. The talk of the time.
In Ethiopia the brutal regime of Woyane has created the current problem for the Ethiopians by sending the young citizens for slavery to Middle East. Now it declared 3 days morning political game.
But the problem has to be dealt from the root. Which if Black Africans must unite and fight to became the people who decide on the fate of their mother continent: Africa.
Otherwise as we say in Ethiopia it becomes a game ‘’ WOHA KIDA WOHA MELIS’’
Let’s have a dialogue on this issue.
The problem cannot be solved by petition. Demonstration to rotten rusty global corrupt system
Yilma Tafere Tasew

 Part Fourteen

                                   It is not new

‘’We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.
To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, require creative imagination and marks real advance in science’’
                                                           Albert Einstein

 The problem of killings of Ethiopians and other Africans is not new. As it happened in this few days it happened in the last decades especially since the brutal regime of EPRDF took power in 1991 in Ethiopia. In fact the main cause of this and other inhuman action is this dictatorial regime and the so called ‘’opposition parties’ ‘who are created to aid the masking of the Human Rights violation of the regime.
As you can see on the top photo this people are from Africa mostly from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan... their bodies are mutilated. In most instances they are slaughtered like animals in the Saharan desert by Libyan nomads and traffickers and their bodies are mutilated for the  harvesting (theft) of vital organs. This organised crime goes hand in hand with the human trafficking.
In this entire evil act, I am sure the Ethiopian brutal regime has a part to play.
This is not a new phenomenon. As far as I know, starting from the mid 1980’s a lot of Ethiopians have been kidnapped, from African refugee camps, cities, from the Middle East to date. Some with the knowledge of UNHCR (UN refugee agency) and other NGO’S. Recently, an Ethiopian with a UK passport was taken from Yemen air port to Ethiopia by the Ethiopian regime. David Cameron, the UK PM ‘’has written a letter for his immediate release’’ We remember that it is the UK govt. who trains and pays the salaries of the Ethiopian brutal police force. May be he might have pre knowledge about the arrest, outside of the letter their might be another communication...
For more than 50 Years, our people protested, got arrested tortured, mutilated, murdered raped  and executed without any justice or rule of law in our own continent Africa as well. We didn’t see any relief from our anguish. Protesting became a ‘’fashion’’ which happens for a while and disappears until we witness another human tragedy.
Every time, a lot has been said about ‘’eliminating poverty, prevailing democracy, human right, the rule of law’’ but they are in practice subjected to the interest of modern global, continental and national lords. We must not fool ourselves except unless we Africans in our mother continent and around the world became united in every possible avenue, we are not the problem for the other part of the planet. On the contrary, they continue to exploit and oppress us without mercy.
Where I live in exile, here in the West,  I have participated for more than a decade with activists, against the Afghanistan, Iraqi, Middle Eastern wars, against climate change and more. On my part, I tried my best to bring the burning issues of Africa to the fore as one of the issues  activists should raise .
To my surprise, a few days ago in an activists' meeting I raised the issue of Africa. I was told  directly it is not issue for them.
We have to be the fighters for our own rights. No one else stands for us, even if they pretend to ‘’join’’ us it is to steal our show for their own interest. Our only option is our unity.
Our mother continent, Africa. has more than enough wealth and resources for us and the rest of the greedy world. The only problem is we are not having a dialogue within ourselves regarding our continent.
In order to be practical and bring the desired change to our countries, and then to Africa we need to harmonize, and in order to do that we need to have deep robust debate. To dialogue on the issues and to be able to accommodate core ideas.
As the Marathon starts from one step
Let the dialogue begin on my part.

Yilma Tafere Tasew

Part Fifteen                      

    Black Africans

 September, 2015     
                    “Men are never convinced of your reasons, of your sincerity,       of the seriousness of your sufferings, except by your death. So long as you are alive, your case is doubtful; you have a right only to their scepticism.”
― Albert Camus, the fall“

      ‘’I'm rightly tired of the pain I hear and feel, boss. I'm tired of being on the road, lonely as a robin in the rain. Not never having no buddy to go on with or tell me where we's coming from or going to or why. I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. It feels like pieces of glass in my head. I'm tired of all the times I've wanted to help and couldn't. I'm tired of being in the dark. Mostly it's the pain. There's too much. If I could end it, I would. But I can't.”
― Stephen King, the Green Mile

 The current media and political, scramble to score points has shown us the so called humanitarian world and the reach European countries, and their stooges the so called refugee agencies their true image. This image is not new for us African genuine refugees it has been there always, and will be unless we do take action that will eliminate the root causes of refugee production. Which is war and conflict. Which will profit the reach countries and their puppet local authoritarian eginmes.
The current crisis of refugees walking from one European country in a normal climate to reach to Germany and Austria maximum 2000 kms. Is not a big crisis comparing to what happened is happening to genuine African refugees in the Saharan and Sinai desert, being beaten, raped, their bodies mutilated, and marketed for organ transplant in the desert.
Where ever we go we are for sell, from the time of slavery to the current refugee crisis.
Recently a few months back in Liblia, Ethiopian and Eritrean asylum seekers were murdered by ISIS in inhuman way and their bodies also burned. Did Europe and America cry for this? No. why should they? We are less human for them comparing people of Middle East and Asia.
Concerning the killings of African, in Libya and death in Mediterranean Sea to have dialogue I have organized ‘’ A public forum’’ hopping to initiate debate and dialogue on the issue. Here where I live in Wellington, New Zealand in the month of June this year. I am shocked by the turn out of less than 10 people. Not long after  from this event I attended a form of ‘’activists’’ and I raised the issue of Africa I was ignored.
These shows to me my long time belief of African’s are the only people who can find a solution to our own problems. We shouldn’t look anywhere else.
Recently in July this year the US president went to Ethiopia where the authoritarian regime has been claiming for the last about 25 years ‘’ won the election more than 95% ‘’ this year ‘’100%’’ where more than 50,000 oppositions activists, journalists are languish in prisons without any crime. Obama and his staff danced on the grave of murdered prisoner tortured Ethiopians. Endorsing and praising the authoritarian regime.

Leader’s of  authoritarian regimes in Africa are partners with rich countries of East and West, with USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Russia and others. They ‘’produce’’ war, conflict, genocide, eplotation, refugees, violation of human rights and refuges.
The American war machine, AFRICOM, CIA in Africa killing innocent people, for their greedy interest, in collaboration with the continents brutal regimes.
The sell of ancestral  land to Indian, China, USA, UK, Pakistan farming companies, without any compensation to the owners of the ancestral land. In Ethiopia alone the land are equal to Belgium and Israel is given as a ‘’lease’’ for 99 years. The ancestral land owners farmers of the land who opposed this were killed, tortured, the rest left the country as refuges.
In the big cities of Ethiopia, which the government blowing a trumpet of ‘’ double digit economic growth’’ where it evicted owners of residential houses, business premises from their own property and land. To pave the way for the construction of foreign and 6% of the 96 million Ethiopians who are the members the minority of the regime and the same ethnic group members.
This people who are forced to flee the country. People who are stripped of their land and country. Ethiopia is one of the examples.

What is the use of life if you don’t have a right to exist with a very minimum of survival in your own country?
When your country becomes prison, torture camp, starvation death. While few are having luxury in our starving body. When the rich countries talking about ‘’democracy, human right, dignity, the rule of law... .’’ means on practice their their countries interest.
This are the main issues of refugee production out of Africa.
The so called ‘’African Union’’ has became instrument of imperialism. This is dangerous time for global humanity. Imperialism and its allies are doing anything to control the resources of the continent more than before.
This time any global system is not able to work anywhere for the majority of humanity. The world is in war but they don’t call it ‘’world war’’
Because it is not in their back yard of rich countries. One of the profitable commodities the rich countries profit by exporting to poor countries is war.
We black African are not counted as human being to the rich countries of the world.

‘’The European Commission gave 2.2 billion euros to its members for refugee-related matters from 2007-2011. But 50 per cent of that money was spent creating fences, surveillance infrastructure and the employment of border guards to keep out the unwanted radicalized “horde’’
In spite of the widespread knowledge of the drowning of Afrikans in the Mediterranean, it was the September 2015 drowning death of the Syrian child Alan Kurdi that spurred the politicians into action on the matter of the refugee crisis.
In August 2014, a similar photo of an unnamed Afrikan child was circulated in the media. The child drowned after the boat in which she was travelling capsized. The conscience of the world went to sleep on this death.’’
                                         Dr. Ajamu Nangwagwaya, September 23, 20015

We black Africans have to open our eyes and ready for protracted peaceful struggle
To remove any domination by foreign forces.
In order to do that first we have to know who our real enemies and friends are and collaborate  with genuine activist, progressive groups, organizations and individuals; people of African descent and non African origin around the globe. The leadership for this movement must be in the hands of native black Africans, in this note keeping eye on Janus-faced native black Africans, who are like chameleons.
After this the main task is to start the global movement. Opposing protesting, using every avenue except physical, violence and war. The main and difficult task is to remove the domination of forging forces from our mother continent.
Once we remove the foreigners from the continent we move to replacing the authoritarian regimes from Africa. For this we need to fully revive and strength the Pan-African organization to lead the global affairs in a democratic way.
Everyone around the globe knows that the global institutions are not working.
The so called ‘’UN’’ is rotten rusty, and expired. That is why after 70 years, the largest human right violator the Saudi Arabia regime became the current’’ Chair for the UN Human right council’’
Is there any dirty game than this?
Reading and keeping quite is not a solution, let’s have a dialogues on the issues.
Yilma Tafere Tasew
September, 2005

Part Sixteen


This year the world becomes a huge blood bath than see in human history. People are dying by war and physical conflict. The issue of the Middle East is high in the west agenda.
Africa is forgotten as a whole. The reason for this is the brutal leaders of Africa mate the continent more" comfortable" to be exploited then before without much assistant from the majority off every cunts. It is not Africans have accepted the exploitation, the human right violation, but they feel helpless. Divided, repeated their human dignity and integrity.

Most book written about Blacks focus only on issues related to African Americans not current native black Africans. This has created a divided and confusing point of view Black Africans.
Sometimes in Africa black every car is when they arrive in America they don't get any support from the Africa- American Community; no one is welcoming them which could have made resettlement much easier.
I understand dog history of slave trade, when the white shacked and take the current Africa. Americans when they took them from Africa the Africans played a role in the slaves business but if that is the case for the division, for the current neglect of native Africans for how long this has not continued?
Who will benefit from this neglect, head and division?
For us black Africans our heroes are who are home grown who gave their area Live off the majority of the people. For the cause of mother continents freedom. Fighting colonialism Imperialism and Ne Colonialism.

Our heroes are those who are assassinated by the CIA Patrice Lumumba, Amilcal Cabral, Kuwami Nkrumah and others. Who are not mentioned by global black movement with others like Marin Luther King and Malcolm X. Black African heroes looks like less significant than other African-Americans or not at all.

The solution for all black Africa is to pave the way which can make us turn our direction into our mother continent Africa.

Every hour in white America and In Africa people of African origin are murdered and killed by armed forces. It can be a police, military, drone, tank… It seems even in USA it is allowed ‘’action’’ to kill black. Let’s fight ideas divide us, instead let us build ideas that bring us together. We are all similar who have the same root, the womb of mother Africa. Lets’ go back where we come from, for this we need to start the dialogue. We should start shouting the loud voice of harmony the voice started by Marcus Garvey. Let’s lament for Harmony as one instead of unity, which is not a working term it is imposing concept, putting pre condition. Harmony is being one without changing each other’s identity.

I wanted to stress one important point here. It is about petition, in a system where we are not counted. We can’t appeal to the same regime that is violating our right. Exploiting us is a laughing matter. We have to be the solution to our problems.
Let’ the dialogue begin.

Yilma Tafere Tasew
 September 2016

Part Seventeen

What is to be done?                       

We Ethiopians never learn always one step ahead and two steps back. When it comes to our countries durable solution.

Recently people were slaughtered, killed. The country washed by its citizen’s blood. Our rivers carried dead bodies. People protested all over the country. It looks suddenly the country united towards overthrowing the Wojane regime. After a while things look like they're going to the previous Woyane controlled situation.

Diaspora Ethiopians are mostly responsible for playing against their own people’s interest. By falling, to their knees and begging they call it “demonstration, petition, lobbying” in the palaces of Western government leaders. To “liberate” Ethiopia “not to feed” Woyane. This always touches my nerves after all.

Who is responsible for bringing Woyane, the current regime, to power? TO the current times, from the gorilla war before decades ago. The Western countries are not known going to go against a regime which is their puppet, who protects their interest. Who listen and does as told. The only time they listen of overthrowing the Woyane will be when Woyanfe becomes very old, expired or of no use to them. That is the time the West makes a move to organize, train, prepare their reserve force to overthrow the current regime. Like replacing the old hyena by the new hyena.

Currently it is in the process or underway. Using official deceiving talkative, “charming” characters who travel around diaspora to agitate innocent people, to prepare them for the coming “regime change” of another  Western pirates.

Recently the German Chancellor went to Ethiopia while diaspora writing letter petition, and demonstration. She signed a contract with Woyane for hundreds of millions of dollars to keep in prison, refugees of East Africa.

My country Ethiopia, who helped many African countries liberation movements, became a prison for East African refugees, stopping them from moving to Europe.

What historical shame Ethiopians in diaspora fooling themselves and Ethiopians back home by demonstrating and petitioning to believe the West can overthrow Woyane for them.
Why are we bowing our heads down to the killers and murderers of our parents, brothers and sisters, imperialism.

When I say imperialism I don't mean it in the context of socialism. But in the history of colonialism and neo colonialism.

The one’s whom we defeated during the first and second world war. Even though they have variety of names and locations they are the same Westerners, rich Arab and Asian countries. China, Russia, Japan. Our aim has to be to harmonize ourselves beyond nation states narrow outlook. If we look beyond that we can free our countries and continent, Africa.

It has become a fashion to demonstrate, taken video, post it on social media. Half of the crowd being spies supporters, and followers of the Woyane regime.

We blocked our minds for new and emerging ideas. We evaluate every theory by the colonialist rusty philosophers and political theorists. This makes as a failure. These theories and theoreticians are racist, who believe blacks are less intelligent than whites in nature.

Instead of wasting our time and energy, it is more preferable to have public dialogue, open forums, meeting of Ethiopian and Africans, back home and in the diaspora.

Regarding the current situation in and around Ethiopia, we don't know any African country diaspora begging the Western countries to the extent we Ethiopians do. The solution must come from our own people!

We think that separately looking the Ethiopian current condition we can achieve freedom for our country. That time has gone once and for all. The time of liberation movement is over, unless we need to create a field of killing until all humans are wiped out.
 The time is to plant a new seed of idea which can liberate us from the Western, Asian, Middle Eastern oppression. It is not physical war or conflict. It is to Harmonize Africa, while everyone keeps its identity border. To shut down Africa, our mother continent’s border for a certain period of time, until we achieve highest stage of progress and became self-sufficient.
It is a long time goal. Yes!!! It is but achievable if we are lucky in the next generation, if not the generation after that.

For this the whole black race from the planet has to sacrifice his or her comfort and tighten our belt. We might not observe or pay attention. The idea in spontaneous way is spreading around the black world; from different angle good example is the recent times African intellectuals moving from UISA to few African countries.
Let’s remember the history of Chinese Cultural Revolution, where China closed its door to the world. When I mention this I don’t mean to copy their Cultural Revolution. Just the concept of closing the border until Africa achieves its potential and later invites the rest of the world for equal and fair trade, culture, economic etc... It is very possible for generations to come.!!!
Let’s have a dialogue!!!

Yilma Tafere Tasew
 January 1st, 2017



‘’The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed, but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill.’’
Robert Anton Wilson

‘’If I were president of the United States, I'd build a great wall along the Mexican border and not let anybody in.’’
Dave Mustaine

‘’The philosophy of Atheism has its root in the earth, in this life; its aim is the emancipation of the human race from all God-heads, be they Judaic, Christian, Mohammedan, Buddhistic, Brahmanistic, or what not. Mankind has been punished long and heavily for having created its gods, nothing but pain and persecution, have been man's lot since gods began. There is but one way out of this blunder. Man must break his fetters which have chained him to the gates of heaven and hell, so that he can begin to fashion out of his reawakened and illumined consciousness a new world upon the earth.’’
Emma Goldman

It has been a few years since I started the idea of black Africans coming together in harmony. Where ever we are in this planet, we black Africans, belong to our mother continent Africa. Whether we are born in Africa or somewhere else, on the planet. Our ancestors were taken to different colonial countries being sold as slaves. Our or their umbilical cord is buried in that black soil-Mother Africa.

The recent years and current affairs towards black have been worse than ever. There is no easy way out from this crisis. We may not be able to achieve, the practical fruit of ‘’Harmonious Black Africa’’ in a short span of time. To rebuild and construct society, which is wiped out from Africa during colonialism, slavery, cold war and neo-colonialism,-imperialism, the scramble for Africa. Is not something we can achieve in a few years.

We have also to bear in mind that any new idea, philosophy, new thinking was first taken as impossible ideas. The people who produce new ideas were taken as mentally impaired, outcast, sometimes executed. We don’t need to lose hope.

In the last few weeks we have observed the panic, the protest, the demonstration. Because refuges are banned entry to U.S.A. This is not a new phenomenon. It will help us to think critically of Pan-Africanism have a dialogue. Decide organised and planned action. Retreat, repatriate. Pay with our life to go back to our mother continent Africa. For this create a solid and strong organizational network.

The energy, the sacrifice, we are paying to dismantle jump the Western fences and barriers, we can use it dismantle the brutal leaders of Africa, and their system, once and for all. It is not the ‘’end of the world or closure of gates of heaven’’ the closure the evil imperialists borders.

It might be for good, things happen for reason. Let’s think the greedy individualistic ‘’life’’ we think we are ‘’leading’ ’ Slaving ourselves working like a donkey. Menial jobs which whites don’t like to do.

All this can be achieved without blood shad, without physical conflict. We don’t have human life to sacrifice any more.

In order to have a look at the previous issues of ‘’what is to be done? ‘’ 1-17

And related postings, to have a debate on the issues and to bring new ideas and thoughts

Please!!! Visit

Also Harmonious Black Africa Facebook group

Let’s wake up!!

Have a debate, dialogue,

Yilma-Tafere Tasew

2nd February 2017

Wellington, New Zealand

Yilma Tafere Tasew - Freedom Radio Interview
Part 1
Part 2


“The truth is, one who seeks to achieve freedom by petitioning those in power to give it to him has already failed, regardless of the response.
To beg for the blessing of “authority” is to accept that the choice is the master’s alone to make, which means that the person is already, by definition, a slave.”
Larken Rose

“You don’t go on bended-knee to petition the official culture for your rights. You have to take them.”
Terence McKenna


Like all our resilient ancestors we don’t give up or lose hope easily. There is no short cut to our goal: achieving the desired objectives for black Africans. Recently, as happens on social media, Ethiopians were circulating a petition regarding the brutal regime of the health minister of Ethiopia and opposing his candidacy for the head of World Health Organization.

This is not helping Ethiopia and Ethiopians, but it does help the Western countries and their global agencies by pointing out, ‘’here is someone who is not useful to us who wants to head of one of your global agencies’’. It helps them to make sure he gets closer to them and joins the global mafia circle.

When Dr.Tedros Adhanom was the health minister in Ethiopia, several times he hid the cholera epidemic in the country and denied the death of innocent people. Maybe this petition had the opposite of its intended effect: Dr. Adhanom got the position. What better way to let the globalists know who will best serve their interests at the expense of the rest of us?

Well, petitioning only brings effective outcomes in countries that eat the sweet cake of democracy, such as in New Zealand, where people have power and where there is accountable government. And then only occasionally.

I have been in New Zealand for about eighteen years. Each year I see many petitions from Ethiopians regarding the Ethiopian regime. I have never signed one. I used to go to demonstrations and activist group meetings, and I participated in national and global dialogue on significant issues. And I tried to bring forth into public consciousness the issue of black Africa as one topic.

But no one has an appetite for this because we are no longer a delicious dish. This day’s activism has become like a seasonal fashion: a springboard for landing in a fancy job, marketing an idea for forming a charity, or joining the charity business overseas.

I remember a few years back when the Nigerian terrorist group ‘’Boko Haram’’ kidnapped about two hundred school girls. There was a demonstration in Wellington against this terrorist group, and people were shouting ‘’bring back our girls!’’ I said to one of the demonstrators, ‘’When did they became your girls?‘’ I was mocking him, of course, because I knew that his interest Nigerian girls half a world away would be exhausted by day’s end.

Recently, I saw on social media one African community leader handing out a petition on the steps of the New Zealand Parliament. He handed one to a member of the opposition party. It is good publicity for the opposition party, because the election is only three months away. For the community leader, it is an opportunity to rub shoulders in the future, and it helps him to build his acceptance in the community. For the community whom he claims to represent, the delivery of the petition does nothing. Nothing!!!

There are insiders and there are outsiders in this game. We are the outsiders. More often than not, those who put forth these petitions see them as their ticket to membership in the club. Once inside, their “duty” to those the once claimed to represent will be quickly forgotten.

Let’s keep the dialogue open.

Yilma- Tafere Tasew,

June, 5th, 2017


Banter of ‘’ Refugee Day’’ June 20

On this day the Western rich countries who pretend to care for refugees are ‘’celebrating 20 June as World Refugee day’’ Actually this day was ‘’celebrated’’ as ‘’African Refugee Day’’ from 1995- 2000.

Here in New Zealand, the do goaders who build their living on charity business, the so-called activists and their parties are hammering the issue of increasing refugee quota. Not surprised by this in any country the issue became pro and against refugees during the time of election. That is why the green party promising to increase the refugee quota to five thousand and labour party to lower the refugee intake.

The greens didn’t indicate their preferred type of ‘’Refugees’’ as the national govt. chosen only from Middle Eastern and South Eastern countries not African refugees by any means.

It angers me that we black Africans are ignored.

All this humanitarian mess and ignorance strengthen us Black African’ s on our harmonious idea of going back to our roots of Africa. Shut our continental borders. Until we are self-sufficient to stand our own. This might take long time to achieve. By adopting some concepts of Chines cultural revolution. We only take what is important to us. Like keeping our border closed, defend our cultural, historical, material and natural resources. Keep our continent peaceful and democratic on our own way. When we achieve our goal in every sphere. We start opening our doors to the rest of the world. One equal terms.


The photos below are showing that people are queuing to buy new arrived shoes from overseas; they slept on the quee all night. To buy she’s in this 'cold' weather. This takes me to our suffering in African refugee camps. Starting 1991, at Walda refugee camp, North Eastern Kenya. For about six months we are allowed to share the local water tank, every day once a day .Queeng all night wearing blanket, using our water jerikan as a pillow. First the wild animals; lions, hyenas .., then the castles, then the local Borena will take water for themselves. We refugees are the final ones to take the left over water. We have to remember that it is not the responsibility of the local Borena or the Chief have no responsibility to take care of in any way. But it is their human spirit which forced tom to do so. The fault lays in the global mafia agency the so called UNHCR. Which was not able to provide water in any form.

As refugees if we don't get the chance to que and collect the water at that time we will die. Here in New Zealand as we see in the photo people are queuing, for fashion shoes, dress, phone all night which they are buying on their money. If they don't have the new fashion shes they don't die, they will live haply ever!!! Compare this with the story of two children ''the children are the same age, both are crying, one is crying because his mum went to the market without taking him with her, the second child is crying because his mum died'' We are the children of the second mother, the mother who died!!!

What is to be done? Part 21

Black African Refugees For Sale
 ‘Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.’ – Plato

That is right, we black African refugees are for sale. Right now, on the Libyan coast they are being sold for 200 to 400 US Dollars. Seeing this news breaks my heart. But in New Zealand, where I am living for more than 18 years, the government is turning its back.

28 years ago I was a refugee in the Kenya refugee camps. One of my jobs in the camp was counting the dead bodies and graves of my fellow Black African refugees every day. I saw the suffering that makes people decide to risk everything, to reach safety or perish. This situation has continued to get worse until today when refugees are being sold into slavery in Libya.

But in New Zealand, the government still discriminates against Black African Refugees. Even though the government has changed from National to Labour, the discriminatory policy against resettlement of Black African refugees remains.

There are migrants who come to New Zealand from Africa, but these people are not my concern. They are mostly well off and are free to come and go from their home countries. Some of them have government connections back home. They have not experienced the despair of refugee camps or the desperation that drives people to the smuggling routes where they are preyed on by the slave traders.

My concern is for the Black African refugees languishing in the camps for decades. If these refugees had the opportunity of resettlement it would be one small bit of hope. Maybe enough to save some from the horror of the smuggling routes and slavery that wait for those who are trying to escape.
Once, the New Zealand government gave me that hope.

But in 2009, the New Zealand government took away any hope for Black African refugees when they put a stop to any resettlement from Africa and the Middle East for refugees who don’t already have family in New Zealand.

Labour and the Greens want to be seen as better for refugees than National. Before the election they made all kinds of promises about increasing the refugee quota from all over the world. But since they have come to power they have done nothing. If they are such cowards that they can’t change the racist policies of the last government, then they are just as bad.

28 years ago in the refugee camp I made a pact with my conscience that wherever I go on this planet I will fight for my fellow Black African refugees. The ghosts of my brothers and sisters from the camps are always with me. They would not let me rest if I did not raise my voice. Who else will speak up now for the Black African refugees?

By Yilma Tafere Tasew
5 December 2017
Wellington, New Zealand

What Is To Be Done? No 24
                Another ‘’ Race Relation /Refugee Day Celebration’’

              ‘’There is a story behind every person. There is a reason why they are
                     The way they are. Think about that respect them for who they are’’
                 ‘’Staying quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. It means I don’t think you are
                ready to hear my thoughts.’’
                                                                                   Ernest Hemingway
                    ‘’Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’’
                                                                                                                           Victor Hugo

Since 2001, New Zealand has been ‘’Celebrating World Refugee Day’’ and probably since the year 2010, Race Relations day. I remember on 20 June 2001 reading a poem and speaking at the New Zealand Parliament. That was the last day I was allowed to give an organized speech. The speech has exposed the reason behind the ‘’ Refugee Day’’. When I mention that it used to be called ‘’World Refugee Day’’, it used to be called ‘’African Refugee Day’’. Since the 1990s, and in 1995, African Refugees in Africa refugee camps protested the idea of ‘’celebrating ‘’ Refugee day. One of these places was Kakuma refugee Camp in Kenya, where I was before I came to New Zealand.

Race relation day was started through the Race Relations Commission. It happens every year in March in New Zealand. I have tried every means to be part of, not the celebration but the forum. From the Race Relation Commissioner to staff who work there, they didn’t give me the opportunity. Mostly this kind of forum involves conference or forum fee. This will help them to block people who they think are not desirable not to attend - “lower standard’’ people like me.

The cultural dance/ food /and other items for sale is good. Only the ethnic can be part of the political process. Where did you see the Pakeha becomes this process instead being entertained? Hajaib!!!

That is why I strengthened my lamentation with my pen expanding my collection of poems:

‘’Thank you, thank you!

For making me

Feel unwanted

For my look



Thank you

Thank you …..’’

Yilma Tafere Tasew

Thank you, thank you!

2010, Steel Roberts, New Zealand

Since then this is the only avenue for me to express myself. Since 2001, I was worker at the National Museum where I served as a car park attendant, until made redundant in 2009.

In my word “expired’’.

I remember the life-time president of ‘’ African Community’’ didn’t give me a chance to speak. In 2005 for ‘’ Refugee Day Celebration’’ I asked the organizers if I am able to read a poem and speak. I am told it is only music and dance.

I said thank you no!!!

I don’t think this year will be different. If it is, prove me wrong by allowing me to speak and read a poem. If not, shame on everyone who blocks people like me and others from speaking their mind.

Saturday 24th February, 2018, Wellington, New Zealand.

 What is to Be Done No. 25

                        “Charity’’ and Africa

                                                                 The Poverty Porn

“Humanitarian organizations like UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, and alike have done more damage to Africa than the marginal positive impact they supposedly have had.’’

Charity has been in Africa for centuries, even before the “scramble for Africa’’ arrived in the continent. The white missionaries carrying some items in the one hand and their bibles in the other. Brainwashing indigenous Africans to believe that poverty is a god-given treasure to accept with gratitude.

The missionaries were preparing them for the coming colonialism. This is a sentence which will transit the reader to the current situation of “charity’’ agencies’ corruption, rape, and sexual abuse, which is the current existing trend or practice.

If anyone joins any “Charity agency’’ to go to Africa, the expectation is to be employed with a hard currency minimum six figure salary, medical insurance, and the so-called “R&R or rest and relax’’ on top of annual leave.

For example, if you are a refugee in an African Refugee situation, “volunteering’’ for the agencies, including the UN refugee agency UNHCR, your payment is your incentive; working like a donkey, more than the local & international staff. No insurance, no annual holiday, no time limit. If your bosses want you to work, you have to work 24/7 without any contract. Because they/you think it is much better than staying in the camp without any prospect of resettlement.

Recently, the World Food Program reduced food ration for refugees in Kenya, starving refugees of Kakuma and Dadab camps to death. The thugs, criminals of the UN, start taking the highest portion of the donated money. Driving around the refugee camps with their flashy air-conditioned vehicles, their accommodation like Western countries’ villas, satellite TV.

Their food flying in, with water and drink, by plane from Nairobi. Relaxing. Enjoying themselves in and around the swimming pool. They “complained’’ about not having enough budget for feeding the “basic’’ - the refugees. When they run out of ideas they “design’’ headcount - making refugees pass through disclosure fence like cattle, inking them to identify the counted ones from the not-counted ones, in the scorching sun. Heart breaking. While they starve, the UN and other agencies’ staff wouldn’t lose a meal for a day.

Part of the current charity debacle are the so-called celebrities, like Angelina Jolie and Madonna, who think they can save Africa. The So-Called UN ambassador in the case of Angelina Jolie, and the business of “adoption’’ by both she and other deluded Westerners, whose greed has no limit.

If they are allowed they will go to Africa to hunt children with “hunting’’ permit, like wild animals. People who read this article are outraged in their own category. On the one hand, the ones who are happy this is said, who didn’t know it has gotten worse. On the other hand, how dare I write this?

Recently the British “Charity’’ Oxfam has been exposed for its crimes of corruption and sexual abuse. It is the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to the current problem of Africa, it is rooted in and planted by the West. The first step of the solution is for the West to get out of Africa. After a few years of up-and-down, Africa will clean itself and achieve success. Otherwise Africa will die in a worse shape than currently.

Sunday, 25th February 2018

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