Tuesday, January 22, 2019

“Monsters merge and water through water’s mounting”
Adam Mickiewicz
“Mature people relate to each other without the need to merge”
Anais Nin

What is to be done?
Over the last more than 55 years in Ethiopia, my country, those who open their mouths knowingly or in innocence are the poster holding group or the middle class. The lower majority is driven by the upper and middle class agenda without knowing or understanding the effect of the suffering the majority are facing.
The first coup to overthrow the menace has ended in disaster, the two brothers Germame and Mengistu Neway; one a civil servant, the other military General. The middle class divided into two, those who supported the coup and those where against it.
In the early 1970s the military movement, which started to improve the condition of the military, ended with the military taking over the middle and lower class in other parts of society. The military, led by Mengistu brought 17 years of war, conflict and massacre. Mengistu ran away to Zimbabwe, taking the resources and his family through a pre-arranged path with  CIA as negotiator. The same CIA paved the way for the ethnically organised rebel group. Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took power in the capital, changing its name to “Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front” (EPRDF) which since 1991 has controlled the country for the last 27 years.
In 2017, Abiy Ahmed  who had grown up in the trenches of the TPLF, with the backing of American CIA agents, became a military Colonel, got his Doctorate on State Security, went to the US for training. For two years he got a cosmetic facelift which is showing a fadeon his face.
Whatever he says and does is part of the ‘plan’ to cheat the majority lower class, the poor.
The middle class and part of the ruling class are his supporters, whether in diaspora or in the country.
All monsters merge with Abiy; the ‘protestant’ invites everyone to merge in the Amharic MEDEMER or to be added literally.
Now it’s fading, not like the beginning.
One thing is not clear for everyone. We Africans, Ethiopians, sell our people without any struggle. First and foremost, no matter who he is, he has not come to power by properly formed democratic processes in ballot paper with people’s provisional government, national reconciliation.
He can be a saint, a pope, or a sheikh, but he is not qualified unless he is elected by democratic vote to officially become a candidate or an elect.
He “invited” Birtukan Mideksa, part of the CIA training in Harvard University, who is waiting for her post to become Chairperson of the National Electoral Board. Whose electoral board? Not the people’s electoral board for sure.
Who are they, the guy called Tamagn Beyene, for example-- the puppet of anyone who pays him, who makes him in charge of “fundraising’ will play for them as they like him.
The West in general and America in particular, what they love in countries like Ethiopia is not democratically elected leaders. What they need is leaders like Abiy Ahmed and his stooges who follow the instruction of America, the Western countries and Middle Eastern powerful countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, who praise Abiy Ahmed whenever they want him, invite him with Ess-aye Afewerk for a heavy gold chain.
Ethiopia has become one of the countries which have more than 15 million people internally displaced,36 million starved children according to UNICEF despite the fake eulogy and non- existent development under Abiy Ahmed, who is not really in control of  the country. He is a military security colonel who got his doctorate from the USA studying security in America for more than 2 years.
The Western media became Abiy Gaga…
When ever Abiy Ahmed is asked to allow the formation of ‘’ Provisional Peoples Goverment’’, his reply is "no need I will transit you".
This is undermining the people of Ethiopia.
Who is he to undermine the people of Ethiopia?

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